Firefighter Kilts

Firefighters, everywhere in the world always get ready to sacrifice their lives every day for the protection of others. Our Firefighter Kilt and Bunker Gear Kilts are memorialized those firefighters who have already made the ultimate sacrifice. Our Firefighter Kilt is made of heavy Bunker Gear Fabric which resists and save from fire. It is best stuff for Fireman and firefighter to perform their duties with confidence. Fire Fighter Kilts are Made of 3 Types of Fabrics.

1. Simple Cotton Made Kilts are mostly made of 16oz Cotton Twill / Pure Cotton / Poly Cotton or Canvas Cotton. For such kind of Kilts are low by cost and do not protract from the Fire. Mostly these kind of kilts worn by Security persons or Safety Worker / Construction Base Workers who work at night to say visible.
2. FR Cotton made Kilt have been made of Fire Resistance Processed Cotton and FR resistance remains till 30-40 washes. This is light weight fire proof fabric. It did not pick the fire and did not get the flame. If we keep the continuous fire the fabric will convert in to ashes. This Fabric is Lighter than Bunker Gear Fabric and available in most of the colors.
3. Bunker Gear Fabric is also treated in fire proof chemicals and enough heavier to wear as full uniform. Its have 220 plus GSM and do not convert into the ashes easily. This fabric is Favorite by all the firefighters and protect well.
Reflective Tapes or Reflective Trims save the persons on duty from unexpected incidents. It reflects and shows that guys are doing their job on the area. As Being Customized Kilt Manufacture you can customize you kilt with 3 different reflective tapes: 1. Lime with Silver   2. Orange with Silver   3. Silver Trim