Bear Pride Tartan Kilt

Bear Pride Tartan Kilt


Buy the Bear Pride Tartan Kilt made of woven acrylic wool with traditional 3 buckle closing and 24 standard or custom made length.

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Bear Pride Tartan Kilt is also known as international bear tartan. Bear Pride Tartan Kilt is detailed with the five thin black lines in the brown field parallel the five claws of the bear paw on the flag. It is crafted in traditional 8 yards standard and having 3 fastening leather straps and buckles. its compensation is 80% acrylic wool and 20% wool. Our Kilt is fully pleated and feel comfortable to sit and its is fringed on the apron and with deep pleats. Each and every pleat at the back is individually sewn to ensure that they stay sharp. Choose the any size or length to get your kilt in desired custom fit.

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